Argumentation approach tutorial published in Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology

Following our previous Royal Society Interface publication on the potential use of argumentation in designing, implementing, and analysing models of biological systems, we were invited to write a tutorial for CPT: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology that would detail the process of developing these arguments.

The paper is co-written with SimOmics Ltd, who are developing the argumentation tools further (see Artoo Pro here), and focuses on the development of a simulation of the immune response to the parasite Leishmania Donovani.

Paper Abstract:

This tutorial promotes good practice for exploring the rationale of systems pharmacology models. A safety systems engineering inspired notation approach provides much needed rigor and transparency in development and application of models for therapeutic discovery and design of intervention strategies. Structured arguments over a model’s development, underpinning biological knowledge, and analyses of model behaviors are constructed to determine the confidence that a model is fit for the purpose for which it will be applied.