Funding & Collaborations

Training & Consultancy

  • I am part of a joint consultancy agreement between the University of York and SimOmics Ltd with a large multi-national products manufacturer that will see engineering techniques applied
    in my PhD and a number of our publications embedded into their modelling processes. In this agreement we have provided on-site training for staff at that organisation and ongoing support.


Current Collaborations

  • I am leading a new collaboration with Professor Andrea Manca and Dr Thomas Patton at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York, which is scoping the use of heterogeneous agent-based models in modelling clinical outcomes and assessing healthcare benefits of interventions.
  • I am heavily involved in the supervision of PhD students at York Computational Immunology Lab, all of whom work across academic departments and with multi-national pharmaceutical partners.
  • I lead research meetings of the York Computational Immunology Lab, York Robotics Lab, and joint meetings with the two groups to look at common issues across both research areas.
  • I co-supervise a number of research project students with Dr Fiona Polack at the University’s Department of Computer Science. These projects examine the use of parallel programming technologies in the development of simulations of immune tissue formation, and the generation of programming patterns for use in developing simulations of biological systems.


Funding Awards

  • I have recently been awarded pump-priming funds from the Risk Decision Making and Evidencing research theme at the University of York, funds that will prime further research into the engineering of person-centric decision-making tools for cost-effectiveness analyses that inform selection of healthcare interventions against disease (2017)
  • Career Development Award, University of Birmingham. Awarded £5,000 to fund identified media and research message dissemination training (TV, Radio, Online) course, completed in February 2014.
  • Santander International Connections Award. Funded a short-term return to UCSD to examine further routes for our protein structure research (2012)